September 2016
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83rd CCM meeting was convened on June 15, 2016 at the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.

The first outline of the Transition and Sustainment Plan was agreed, the renewed composition of the Oversight Committee was endorsed, the current status of Global Fund’s grants implementation was presented during the meeting.

On April 5, 2016 orientation meeting for new CCM members was convened. New CCM members were inducted to the mode of operation and main principles of the CCM.

Policy and Advocacy Consultancy to support transition planning by CCM


Georgia is a recipient of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) grants to support implementation of National TB and HIV responses. Ongoing GFATM funded HIV and TB projects are scheduled by June 2016. The programs within the new funding mechanism will start in July 2016 and last by end of 2018 or mid-2019.

As the amount of available GFATM financial resources will be decreasing, the Government of Georgia is committed to increase the level of domestic funding to bridge the gaps and gradually take over the funding of priority HIV and TB control interventions.

In order to ensure smooth transition from the Global Fund to the state funding of the TB and HIV programs, the Georgia Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) establishes the Policy and Advocacy Advisor Council (PAAC) with the mandate to assist CCM in identification of challenges of a transition period and advise on potential solutions. The PAAC will engage in advocacy efforts aimed at improvements in legislation, regulations, operational policies and practice standards related to TB and HIV prevention and service delivery. The key role for the PAAC will be to guide the development of a sustainability plan aimed at ensuring universal access to quality HIV testing, prevention, care and support and TB diagnostic and treatment services with domestic resources. The plan will provide a detailed framework for handover of the activities currently supported by the Global Fund to the state including the necessary regulatory changes for ensuring the effective transition for both TB and HIV programs.

The CCM seeks to hire a specialist to provide policy and advocacy consultancy to support operations of PAAC and facilitate transition planning.

Job Summary:

The Country Coordinating Mechanism intends to hire a consultant who will provide technical and operational support to PAAC – Policy and Advocacy Specialist. The consultant should work in close collaboration with the PAAC.

The consultant will follow guidance of and reports to the Policy and Advocacy Advisory Council. PAS work is supervised by the PAAC chair. The PAAC chair reviews PAS performance and approves his/her timesheets for further processing.

Job responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. To provide technical advice to PAAC and Country Coordinating Mechanism as needed to support transition planning to ensure sustainability of TB and HIV national responses after the Global Fund support will be phasing out. This will include conducting gap’s analyses, identifying key challenges related to transitioning from donor to domestic funding for key preventive and treatment interventions, conveying  complex technical information from experts working on developing transition plan and relevant policy documents to PAAC members and other stakeholders effectively, facilitating technical discussions and preparing meeting summaries.
  2. To develop PAAC meeting agendas
  3. To prepare meeting minutes, circulate them to the PAAC members for approval and submit to the CCM secretariat for further circulation among CCM members.
  4. To facilitate consultations and regular interaction between PAAC members and international and local experts working on transition planning.



The required qualifications are as follows:

  • Advanced degree in medicine or public health
  • At least five-year experience of elaborating national strategies and policy documents, conducting gaps analysis, program monitoring and evaluation. Out of which at least three years should be related specifically to HIV and TB control
  • Expertise in the areas of HIV and TB strategic planning
  • Specific experience in facilitating multi stakeholder consultations
  • Fluency in Georgian and English Languages
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills

To Apply:

Please send your cover letter, CV, copies of diplomas/certificates to Copy to: . Please indicate in the subject line the title of the position you are applying for – Policy and Advocacy Specialist. The application deadline is April 27th, 2016, 19:00.

Due to the large number of inquiries we receive, only candidates clearly meeting the requirements for this position will be considered. Only those candidates short-listed for an interview will be contacted.

Estimated workload

Estimated workload for this position is 180 days over 9 months period.

Start date: June 2016


In March 2016, Georgia CCM established a Policy and Advocacy Advisory Council (PAAC) to assist the CCM with the transition of TB and HIV programs from The Global Fund to domestic resources.

The PAAC is not a decision-making body. Rather, it will provide technical and operational support during the development and implementation of the transition plan.

The key role PAAC is to lead on the development and implementation of a sustainability/transition plan. The core PAAC functions are as follow:

•           Identifying strategic fiscal space to engage and influence (i.e. national planning budget cycle) as well as identifying strategic information gaps required to make a case for more focused investment during the transition and beyond.

•           advocating for an improved legislative and regulatory environment that will better support the provision of the effective prevention and treatment services;

•           developing and promoting mechanisms to ensure increased involvement of the affected communities and civil society organizations at all level of the planning and decision-making; and

•           developing procurement and supply regulations so that essential medicines and supplies for HIV and TB programs will be available at all times.

There are 16 persons on the PAAC having different technical expertise and representing various sectors, including communities, CSOs, local and international NGOs, donor organizations, patients,  government entities.